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Dante and Homer had patrons.
You can throw down a few bucks for my campaign
Give me a hand
setting the world stage to deliver peace to your world.

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Michael Levinson

I have raised the issue of my Television Scripture
My to be "spoken poem for all man kind"
lettered in double columns
to perform live whirled wide on worldwide television,

the seam in the tap-a-stream
World Peace and food chain harmony;
The first peaceful night in five thousand years of recorded history
on good ship Mother Earth.
All the world's peoples doing the same thing at the same time
Wa ching my Big TV Show
Due Turn On Oh Me!

Main issue: Is my mull tie ling well narrative
Fun to listen to.
Decide for your self.

My campaign 4 president is founded on world renewal.
Words for all man kind.

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Lev campaign dough nations are guaranteed to initiate an FB of Eye investigation into your life and times,
a very good reason to elect me president.

Read the unadulterated Church Committee Book II

Here is Church Committee Book III

FB-Eye did not cease their
domestic counter-intelligence activities
exposed in the Church Committee Books II and III.
FB-Eye was in charge of what the Church Committee was shown.

They changed the name of their domestic Counter Intelligence Program,
and from that day forward stamped all domestic activities

This ha pens to be the only place in cyberspace where you can
download a readable copy of the reports.
Google Church Committee Reports and find that for yourself!

Upon election I am going to immediately
Merge Cash In Advance (CIA) and Fascist Bureaucracy Ink. (FBI)
Into a single agency,
that way
civil or criminal, domestic or foreign
All inteligence gathering is conducted under the same roof with a statute
clearly prohibiting
Interference in any citizen’s domestic life whether political or private
unless the person is believed to be maybe
planning radical terrorist activities
then we should be watching 24 / 7 ready to grab them
after they purchase a pressure cooker, etc.

In the land of the blind the one-eye man is king.

Upon election to president,
I will meet with Members of Congress
and together we will
get to the bottom of the Federal Bureau of Eye's
illegal domestic activities that weakened our country
and keep us unsafe.